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Fire Poly FP100®



high intumescent fire retardant coating for wood,wood products,and other cellulostic materials - OSB, I-Joists, LVL's, glulams, MDF, MDO - clear gloss finish - ASTM E84, Class A; UL723, Type 1; NFPA 255 - ASTM D2898; SRI- fire rated f.s. 0; s.g.40

Fire Poly FP75E®

exterior fire retardant coating for wood, plywood, wood siding, decking, T-111, plywood- semi gloss finish ASTME E84, UL1256 [ASTM D2898 procedure] SRI- fire rated f.s.<5; s.g.115 - 30 minutes test

Fire Poly FP75I®

interior fire retardant coating for plywood wood, lumber, paneling , molding, trim, framing lumber, OSB, I-Joists - semi gloss finish - ASTM E84, CLASS A; UL723, Type 1; NFPA 255, UBC 8-1

Fire Poly FP50®

interior flame retardant coating for wood paneling ASTM E3806 - UL fire rated - f.s. 20; s.g. 140 - paintable - satin finish

Fire Poly FPCC®

formulated for fire retarding plastic pipe, composite, fiberglass, PVC, and polyurethane foam, polypropalene, and styrofoam foam. Testing at Southwest Research Institute FIRE POLY® FPCC passed the International Maritime Organization Resolution A 753 (18) and ASTM F1173-95 test for plastic pipe. Testing at Diversified Testing Laboratories - NFPA 701 - PASSED

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Flame Safe WOOD SAFE™ is an aqueous based resin fire retardant coating for interior use - UL fire rated f.s. 35; s.g. 95 - flat finish, paintable, stainable. Long term fire retardant protection, WOOD SAFE™, can be applied to any type of wood such as yellow pine, douglas fir, SPF, cedar, oak, birch, walnut, redwood and all species and grades of plywood.

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Flame Safe SHINGLE SAFE® fire retardant coating for wood shake roofing shingles, siding, and fencing. Tested by Western Fire Center and is classified as a Class B fire retardant coating and by Southwest Research Institute and classified as a Class C fire retardant coating that meets the ASTM-E-108 [Burning Brand, Flying Brand, Spread of Flame and Intermittent Flame Exposure]

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THATCH SAFE® interior and exterior fire retardant coating is formulated to flame retard natural thatch, Tiki hut thatching, reed, bamboo, koa, cypress, and palm. ASTM E84-14 testing by Intertek Laboratories, THATCH SAFE® - Flame Spread Index - 0; smoke developed 85. THATCH SAFE® fire retardant will give a semi gloss appearance when applied that over time gradually changes back to the natural appearance.

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Fabric Safe™ fire retardant spray on coating for natural fabrics and most synthetic and synthetic blends - canvas tarps, awnings, tents, burlap, and hemp ropes can be used for both exterior and interior applications. FABRIC SAFE™ fire retardant coating can be applied by spray coating, brush or dipping. Interk NFPA 701 Test Method 1 - Passed, FAR25.853 a & b, Cal 1237.1, NY-NJ Port Authority, Boston, 16CFR 1632

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PAPER SAFE™ is an excellent fire protection for holiday/seasonal paper decorations, corrugated board, cardboard boxeds - ASTME 162, ASTM E662, NFPA 30

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Tree Safe™ is a fire retardant spray on coating primarily used for indoor Christmas trees. In addition, TREE SAFE™ acts as a wood preservative keeping the needles of the tree greener for a longer period of time. CA. Administrative Code, Title 19, Public Safety, Article 3, Section 1264.3, “Christmas Trees” Section 1237.1. TREE SAFE™ is an excellent fire protection on dry grass and brush. It’s application can slow or stop the advance of the flame front caused by winds in areas of exceptionally low humidity.

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The FIREBUSTER® has been treated with a fire retardant chemical and shown in tests not to burn at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Tests conducted by Southwest Research Institute shows that the FIREBUSTER® surpasses all requirements of the test procedure Cal 1237.1 by as much as 700% SWRI and NFPA 701 test method.



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